Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dem Corps Announces Scholarship for Civic-Minded Students

Donkey Card, and Dem Corps, a new non-profit organization, announced on May 16th the formation of the Dem Corp Civic Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded each year to students who demonstrate a commitment to their community through their volunteer efforts and civic activity.

This scholarship fund is made possible by a $1000 donation from Donkey Card, which brokers discounts for southern Maine families on heating oil as well as other products and services. Donkey Card has enrolled enough people this year to make this initial gift and enable Dem Corps, the group’s sister organization, to realize part of its mission – creating the scholarship fund for students graduating high school.

Dem Corps will also be supporting local Democrats in their volunteer efforts - from gathering non-perishables for food banks to helping winterize the homes of the elderly.

Donkey Card’s heating oil program succeeded last year in securing home heating oil at prepaid prices of $1.83 per gallon for their participants. This has prompted the group to expand their coverage to now include York, Cumberland, Kennebec, Sagadahoc, and Androscoggin Counties. In addition to heating oil, Donkey Card also offers other products and services at a discounted rate. These offers range from real estate transactions to car oil changes, screen printing, counseling and carpentry.

The closing date for people to enroll in the oil program is June 1st. For more information about Donkey Card, LLC or Dem Corps, you can go to their websites: and or call 207-650-9873.


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