Friday, February 10, 2006

CMPAC: No Money for Window Replacements Neighborhood Organizations recommended for full funding.
The City Manager’s Policy Advisory Committee took its final vote on February 10th on recommendations to the City Manager of how the City should disperse over $2 million in federal funding for social service needs and infrastructure improvements.
Among the recommendations the committee made at its final meeting was to deny a request by Portland West for $50,775 to replace 32 windows in rental properties the organization owns in the West End. While some members simply opposed using the federal funding for window replacements, others questioned the price of the windows, and the fact that only one bid was sought for the job. The group also recommended turning down a $50,000 window replacement request from the YWCA.
The group recommended fully funding a $20,000 request from the City Parks Department for tree planting, as well as fully funding the Bayside Neighborhood Association ($13,000) and the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization.($10,500).
The committee, which has been meeting weekly since October, will present all its recommendations to the City Manager, along with a letter explaining some of its decisions. The City Manager will then make recommendations to the City Council, who will vote on the disbursements in March.


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