Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shawn Loura to Run for Governor
Portland resident Shawn Loura has announced that he will run for Governor of the State of Maine as an independent candidate with a very low-budget campaign and without seeking taxpayer money.
Loura says that his campaign will run on small donations, with no special interest or corporate funds whatsoever. He says that he will run a strictly constitutional campaign and his views can be seen in both the Constitution Party and Commonwealth Party's platforms.
Loura listed the following priorities in his campaign announcement:
-fair tax
-private schools
-constitutional enterprise
-constitutional government (a republic as opposed to a democracy)
-government accountability
-no government handouts to social, corporate or foreign aid.
-private funding with accountability
-family values
-law enforcement dedicated to protecting lives and constitutional law
-prison reform and accountability
For more information on Loura’s campaign, contact:


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