Friday, March 10, 2006

School Task Force Struggles With Elementary Consolidation
The Portland School Committee’s Elementary School Task Force is struggling with a number of questions and problems as it tries to prepare a report by early next month. The members of the group are still debating about whether school consolidation will save enough money to be worthwhile, the meaning of enrollment trends the group has studied, and even the viability of certain potential building sites.
The Task Force is also trying to figure out exactly what the final report is supposed to look like, and how specific its recommendations should be. School Superintendent Mary Jo O’Connor explained that the EFTF’s job was to use a 2002 Elementary Facilities report as a working document, taking into account financial constraints, enrollment trends and educational factors, to make recommendations as to what the City’s future school system should look like.
It is scheduled to meet again on March 15th.


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