Sunday, April 16, 2006

LaMarche Qualifies for Clean Election Funding

Green Independent Party candidate for governor Patricia LaMarche handed in more than 2500 qualifying checks on April 14th to the Maine State Ethics Commission. The checks, accompanied by thousands of corresponding signatures, qualify the LaMarche campaign for Clean Election funds.

Each candidate running under Maine's landmark Clean Elections Law is required to submit a prerequisite number of $5.00 checks . For the governor's race, the number of checks is 2500. The LaMarche campaign notified the Maine State Ethics Commission that they would be submitting additional checks through Tuesday, April 18th, the deadline for submissions.

"Green means 'Go! Maine, go!'" said LaMarche campaign supporter Doug Emerson.

Other local candidates who are racing to the Clean Election deadline include Green Party State Representative John Eder, Legislative candidate Ben Meiklejohn, and Republican State Senate candidate David Babin.