Saturday, May 20, 2006

Officials Try to Clear Up Confusion at Portland Connector
City and state transportation officials have agreed to make a number of changes around the Portland Connector to make it safer and more navigable to motorists. Most of the changes will involve adding or relocating signage at the newly-opened roadway which connects I-95 to the City’s waterfront.

All signs referring to Mercy Hospital will be removed until the hospital is in operation at its new site on the Fore River. Also, a sign barring trucks from using the Danforth Street exit will be relocated so that truck drivers can see it in time before they make that turn.

At a May 16th meeting, West End resident Anne Pringle expressed concerns about ‘sign pollution’ infecting the area, which she referred to as a gateway to the city. Brush and vegetation will also be removed from some locations to improve drivers’ visibility.


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