Friday, June 02, 2006

Police Praise Neighborhood Bar
Portland police officials have praised the operators of Popeye’s Ice House on York Street for proactive measures the bar has taken to address public safety concerns related to the operation of the neighborhood pub.

In a May 4th letter to Ice House owner Jeffrey Orne, Police Lieutenant Janine L. Roberts, who heads the Department’s Tactical Enforcement Unit, commended the staff for filing Criminal Trespass papers against patrons causing a disturbance at the bar. She also praised Ice House employees for providing a video surveillance tape to police investigators, helping them in charging the offending patron.

Roberts said that bar owners often only hear from the police when there is a problem, and she wanted to note the positive changes the bar had made and encourage the owners to continue in that direction.

Roberts noted that there are still neighborhood issues surrounding the bar, but documented police calls showed that the owners were working cooperatively with police and following their suggestions in attempting to resolve any problems.


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