Sunday, July 02, 2006

Youth Soccer Team Forming in the West End
In keeping with the spirit of the 2006 World Cup Soccer tournaments, a coalition of West End neighborhood groups is working to form a West End youth soccer team. The Neighborhood Action Coalition and The Shoestring Theater are working with the Reiche School multilingual classes and the Bandir Summer Camp (a summer camp for immigrant children held at the Reiche School) to form the team.

Aweis Abdalla, the director of the Bandir Summer Camp, and a teacher at the Reiche School, has been working with a large group of talented players over the last three years who are ready to join one of the local youth soccer leagues.

According to the team organizers, there is little money or time for parental support because of the realities of their lives. They are hoping to raise $1000 to purchase good sneakers, team shirts, and league membership fees. The team is also looking for coaching assistance and transportation help.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the team should call Nance Parker at 774-1502 or Aweis Abdalla at 773-4609. Checks can be sent to Reiche School Soccer, 166 Brackett Street, Portland, ME 04102.


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