Friday, October 13, 2006

Explosions Rock the West End.
Residents in the area of Brackett and Houlton Streets in the West End were awakened by two loud explosions just before 5AM on October 12th. According to a Central Maine Power employee, a tree in front of 228 Brackett Street, buffeted by 40-mile-an-hour winds, caused two power lines to come into contact with each other, causing an overload. Neighbors reported seeing bright blue, green, and yellow flashes and one resident said that he thought his entire side yard was on fire. Portland police and firefighters arrived quickly on the scene, which was strewn with downed power lines.

A storm which brought nearly four inches of rain to the city was still pelting the area, along with thunder and lightning, which some residents initially feared was more exploding power lines. Central Maine power crews repaired the damage-and cut down most of the tree-and power was restored by 8AM. However, at about 9AM, the power pole that had been the source of the explosions was on fire. The fire department was called again, but before they arrived, there were more explosions, flames, and bright flashes and sparks. CMP repair crews returned to the scene, and once again made repairs, restoring power to the surrounding area before noon.

In total, about 3800 power users in the greater Portland area were reported to be without power during the storm, many in the West End. Many traffic signals in the city were also knocked out. There was also flooding reported on parts of Congress, State and High Streets, as well as manhole covers popping off. No injuries were reported.


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