Thursday, November 16, 2006

City Refuses New Ice House Food License

Attorneys for the Ice House Tavern on York Street are appealing another decision by the City of Portland which would be another step in putting the local pub out of business. At a hearing on October 25th, City officials refused to renew the pub’s food and entertainment license, after a failed attempt to pull the bar’s liquor license a week earlier.

The State Attorney General's Office had told City officials on October 19th that the Portland City Council did not have the authority to deny a liquor license to The Ice House, because state officials had already renewed the bar’s license in June.

Members of the State’s Liquor Control Board were scheduled to hear an appeal at Portland City Hall by owners of the Ice House on that day. The Portland City Council had voted unanimously on August 21st (6-0, three Councilors absent) not to renew the liquor license of the local bar. Portland police recommended the license denial, despite praise they gave the bar earlier this summer.

Ice House attorneys say they will take the matter to court if they lose the final appeal before City Manager Joe Gray.


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