Thursday, February 22, 2007

City Hires New Assistant City Manager

After reviewing over 80 applications and going through two rounds of interviews, the City of Portland has hired Pat Finnegan as the new Assistant City Manager. Her starting salary will be $84,000.

Finnegan served as Auburn City Manager for the past 12 years where she was a key player in a number of successful economic development projects, strategic planning and joint services and collaboration with surrounding communities and other organizations. Noteworthy achievements in Auburn during her tenure include the development of two industrial parks, the revitalization of Auburn’s downtown, and a recent successful grant application to fund increased joint efforts with the City of Lewiston.

In addition to her knowledge of municipal government and its operations, and particularly the challenges facing service center communities like Portland, she has extensive prior experience advocating for municipalities at the State House in Augusta, and with the Congressional delegation in Washington. She gained that experience starting in her college years and subsequently became the Assistant Director of State and Federal Relations for the Maine Municipal Association, a position which she held for three years before becoming the Assistant City Manager in Auburn in 1991.

As one of her major assignments she will advocate for the City in legislative settings, a role previously filled by former Assistant City Manager Larry Mead prior to his leaving the City last November to begin his new job as Kennebunkport’s Town Manager.

Other assignments will include overseeing major development projects acting as the City’s liaison on certain neighborhood issues, overseeing the City’s communications program, working with the City’s Tax Acquired Property Committee, working with a number of organizations on public/private and public/public partnerships including efforts to regionalize municipal services in a cost-effective manner, and taking on special assignments as the need arises.

As part of her transition, Finnegan requested that she give the City of Auburn considerable advance notice so that she can work with her staff to prepare and submit a proposed budget for FY’08 for Auburn, and will start working for the City on June 4th.


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