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The West End NEWS
Volume 7, Number 6
May18-30, 2007

May 17 - May 31
*** Memorial Day is coming. Don't forget to take a photo of yourself reading the West End NEWS on your vacation! ***

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) When the Sun enters Gemini on May 21st, your mind will be hard at work. You will accomplish something you've been putting off for years. Watch out for distractions, like a Ralph Kramden-esque friend who has a get-rich-quick scheme for you. Use your intuition, but be aware that in this spring fever fugue, you may be blind-sighted to potential problems, especially if they involve money or romance. Aries vacation: Naples, Florence, or Marseilles. You are a fire sign who loves lists of things to see and do. Your vacation destination must have a lot to offer: shows, hip restaurants, unusual sites etc. You like doing and seeing new things. It's also important that the place doesn't roll its streets up by 8 p.m. You own the nightlife, energetic Aries! For a cheaper trip, try Provincetown. Plan to celebrate the 275th anniversary of Provincetown on June 14. At the tip of Cape Cod, surrounded by miles of dunes and beaches, Provincetown has been home to sailors, pirates, painters, and authors.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) This is Taurus' month, and also the sign of Iran. That country will continue to be closely watched, and not the best vacation spot, but perhaps one of interest to study. You currently have an abundance of sunshine to offer those in need of it. Your support and encouragement helps all those who are fortunate enough to receive it feel reassured that everything is going to be all right. Taurus vacation: Dublin, Lucerne, or St. Louis. As an earth sign, mingling with nature appeals to you. Camping in the Smoky Mountains would be fabulous! A trip out West to the Grand Canyon would be good, too. For a local trip, visit The Maine Highlands, a region spanning from Bangor, north to Baxter State Park. Take in the state's tallest peak, Mount Katahdin, and largest inland body of water, Moosehead Lake. Recreational activities include whitewater rafting on the Penobscot River, hiking the Appalachian Trail, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and biking.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Upon entering your birthday zone, I just want to assure you, Twins, that you are supposed to be the way you are. You were born with two sides, and sometimes they work together harmoniously, and other times one takes over. That's why one day you are charming, gregarious, and carefree, and the next you may be timid, cautious, and self-conscious. Both sides need to be expressed, and it's perfectly fine to explain to others that you are a Gemini, and if you seem moody, not to take it personally. Gemini vacation: Wales, London, Melbourne, San Francisco. Your vacation should have diversity. You may like to do "two" things at once, or stop at different places during your trip. Opt for places that can teach you new things. Cities well known for concerts, plays museums, tours, and places of historical significance are great choices to consider too. For a cheaper alternative, plan a weekend trip down the Southern Coast, taking in historic coastal towns like York, Wells, Ogunquit, and The Kennebunks. This trip will have a selection of shops, restaurants, theater, nightlife, lighthouses and forts.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)
A Cancer Moon May 18th through the 21st will see the expression of true feelings that may have been previously hidden. Don't waste any time being critical of yourself or regretting past mistakes. You have too much that's waiting for you out there to spend your energy on negativity. People may be looking for reassurance under the Cancer Moon. If you get some critiques or complaints, try giving back a soothing message of security, and see if that was the issue all along. Cancer vacation: New Zealand, New York, or Venice. A water sign, you feel at home near lakes and oceans. Because you are a sensitive, sentimental person, you like having an emotional connection to places you travel. Historically rich cities like Savannah and Charleston may interest you. If you go to Charleston, visit the Magnolia Plantation Gardens to take in some intoxicating beauty. History entices you, as does anything to do with "the past." So, Civil War battlefields and towns with an Americana “feel" are good choices. Cancers are big on cruises, too. Watch out for the stomach bug people seem to get on cruises, though. Pack your own food, maybe.

LEO (July 23 - August 22)
Love at first sight on or around May 24th, when Venus in Cancer forms a trine with Uranus in Pisces. Trines are the luckiest formation, said to bring gifts, and highlight talents. This love at first sight may not last, but it will be a positive experience. Read Ghostwalk this month. A debut novel by Rebecca Stott's that's been called "a compelling contemporary love story and a fascinating historical investigation" that will "make readers think anew what history is." Leo vacation: Hollywood, Chicago or Prague. You sure do love the dazzle of a big city. If you haven't been to Vegas, you should go, because Leo is one the luckiest signs in the zodiac! Outdoor flea markets are popular with Lions, too. Shipshewana, Indiana, an Amish community, has a summer flea market with over 1,000 booths and vendors. Bring us back a souvenir!

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)
Give in to your current hankering for travel, Virgo. It may bring you a valuable new friend or associate. Look forward to May 25th; the moon will be in your sign, increasing your powers of concentration and brilliant thought! Virgo vacation: Turkey, West Indies, or Paris. You know you're the worker bee of the zodiac, but you must take a break already! You are apt to be very thrifty with money, but just this once, why not spend it all? I suggest a resort spa in Arizona, if you prefer tranquil surroundings. Consider visiting Mackinac Island, Michigan: a magical place you can only access by ferry (cars are not allowed). It may be the perfect destination for you. A closer alternative is Boston, another Virgo-ruled city that could offer a stimulating vacation without too much travel. Take in the Aquarium, a game at Fenway Park, and the Isabella Stuart Gardiner Museum.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22) The Libra Moon on the 26th will bring you a joyful day. Libra Moon energy strives for harmony, and this month you'll struggle with some aggression from the Moon opposite Mars. Blame any negativity on Mars. Libra vacation: Japan, Burma, Tibet, Copenhagen, or Vienna. Places of beauty and serenity draw the Libra, but you are a social butterfly too, so shopping, dancing and fine dining are a must. Libra love to dress up and paint the town, but you also crave a peaceful atmosphere. Booth Bay Harbor would be a great choice. You could drive through the winding countryside, stopping to sit on rocks overlooking majestic lighthouses and watch fiery sunsets. Watch out for swarming cicadas, though. Bring a vat of Raid with you.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21) If you've been bothered by any sort of home or family problems, now's the time to air any grievances. Issues that have been plaguing you should be coming to the surface. Scorpio vacation: Norway, Algeria, Washington DC, or Halifax. Mystery, power, and sex attract a Scorpio, so you'll enjoy a city that offers those qualities. New Orleans is perfect because it combines ghosts, voodoo, casinos, and mystical bayous. New Orleans is a study of unlikely combinations of sensual experiences: a brass band playing in the boulevard; the sweet floral scent draping itself over the humidity; the explosive taste of Creole cooking. Ruins, decay, and the human spirit. Also, any place near water is an appealing vacation for you. Scorps need privacy, so an isolated log cabin surrounded only by nature would be satisfying.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21) Pay attention to a subconscious desire to get organized. A Virgo Moon May 23-25 will help you see clarity through clutter, and if you acknowledge your current wish for order, it will give you the extra push necessary to make it happen. The Full Milk Moon on May 31st hovers below planet Mercury, that tricky God of messages. Look for a hidden message while engaged in a playful activity around that time. Sagittarius vacation: Portugal, Mongolia, Spain, or Budapest. The Archer loves adventure and trying new things. You hate to be tied down, so you tend to travel alone more often than other zodiac signs. Your yen for the great outdoors could take you mountain climbing and hiking throughout the West. Foreign travel lets you learn about other cultures, which you are fascinated by. No schedules or long, tedious tours. You'll see the sights that appeal to your quirky curiosity, and are probably off the beaten path and away from tourist traps. Toronto is a Sag-ruled city that you'd love to see, but keep in mind Sagittarians embody the sentiment expressed by Lao Tzu, "A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving."

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19.)
You may need to ask for help in a chaotic situation toward the end of May. You are a natural-born leader, and we all know it, but once in a while even leaders need guidance. Hear me now and believe me later: It shows more self-confidence and power to ask for help than it does to struggle under the weight of obstinacy. Capricorn vacation: Delphi (an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus), Oxford, or Mexico City. Historical places with high-end accommodations please most Capricorns. You'd love to stay in an opulent hotel overlooking a pristine Caribbean beach. Capricorns want to go first class, but are also very down to earth, tree-huggers. Martha's Vineyard is a good local choice. You prefer hip spots recognized for their exclusivity, culinary delights and designer shopping.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)
Hi Aquarius. It's time to check-in on your New Years resolution about refraining from gossip. How've you been doing? You may run into temptation on May 29th, with a Scorpio Moon and people spilling secrets around you. Before you go telling someone else what you've heard, do a mental time out to evaluate whether or not to blab or to keep your mouth shut. If you are a teacher, remind yourself that the best way to teach is to show. Aquarius vacation: Stockholm, Moscow, Salzburg, or Hamburg. You love to venture to places you've never been before. You like to travel in groups and with friends. Water bearers are very spiritual. The western part of the country is known to draw Aquarius, as you enjoy the warm weather and wide, open, untouched places. For a quick trip, try Acadia National Park. Some of the recreational activities include whale and puffin watching, sea kayaking, hiking and biking along the coast, fishing, and canoeing in the interior lake areas. Sightseeing attractions include Quoddy Point Light, the easternmost lighthouse in the U.S., and Campobello, FDR's summer home located across Passamaquoddy Bay in Canada. Look for the Lobster Boat Races and Blueberry Festival!

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)
May 23rd is World Turtle Day. For ways you can support turtles, check out On a heavier note, some news pertaining to The Meaning of Life: Your ruling planet, Neptune, will be turning around on May 24th, and starting to spin backwards instead of forwards! For you this means that you'll have six months to take stock of all of the things you've learned while Neptune was spinning forwards. Neptune forwards puts you into your Piscean daze… dreamy, spiritually in tune, open to the world. Now you'll need to process all of those experiences into clarity. This could mean a "light-bulb" moment for you, or simply a general shift towards maturity. Good luck! Pisces vacation: Portugal, Seville, or Jerusalem. Anywhere there's a fresh body of water, you'll find a Pisces type. As a Pisces, you love to "escape" from your everyday routine so vacations are important to you. Gambling is a favorite pastime so Atlantic City would be fun. For my Pisces friends of lesser means, try a sunset cruise on the Casco Bay mailboat.


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