Friday, June 15, 2007

Robbers Strike Gold On High St.
Portland police say that a man from Brewer reported that he was stopped on Spring and High Street while walking to his car at about 1:30 AM on June 9th and robbed of over $130,000 in jewelry. The stolen items included two rings, a Rolex watch, and a matching bracelet. Police say the man was driving a $200,000 2007 Bentley.


Blogger A Guy said...

Did the victim have hundred dollar bills hanging out of his pockets too? I hate random crime late at night in Portland as much as anyone, especially in the Arts District, and I don't believe in blaming the victim, but come on! A Bentley? He was probably wearing a commodore's hat and spats on his feet too. Wearing that much jewelry probably isn't safe even in the gated community in which he likely lives.

And of course I hope they catch and lock up the robbers. Then perhaps the episode will have been instructive for all.

30 August, 2008 14:57  

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