Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bill Would Increase Sentences for Sexual Predators
AUGUSTA—Senator Bill Diamond, D-Cumberland County, has called for support of LD 1717, a bill which would add new mandatory minimum sentences for persons convicted of gross sexual assault against victims under the age of 12. LD 1717, or “Jessica’s Law” as some have dubbed it, will most likely be taken up in the House early next week.

Diamond, who chairs the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, addressed the crowded Portland Police Department on March 17th .

LD 1717 would create a 25-year minimum mandatory sentence of imprisonment, followed by probation for life for a first offense gross sexual assault against a child under 12 years old. None of the 25-year term may be suspended.

More information about LD 1717, An Act to Create Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Persons Convicted of Certain Sex Offenses against Victims under 12 Years of Age, can be found online at:


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