Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 17
Harborview Park (York & Clark) 6 AM
Free community event.
Friday, March 17
Celtic Old-time Fusion!
Katie Wegner & Chuck Donnelly ( will be performing with their band on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th starting at 9:00 PM at 128 Free Street. Tip one up to the great St. Pat!! 207.774.1114.
Katie and Chuck record and perform high-energy original and traditional-style music. Their music taps into the traditions of Ireland and Cape Breton, where they have traveled and studied music together. They combine the Celtic music with influences of New England and Appalachia and their own musical sensibilities to form a new tradition that is at once familiar, and yet…. “different!” If you would like more information about Katie and Chuck feel free to call Chuck at 207.288.5196 or visit our web site at

Friday, March 17
Maine Irish Heritage Center (State & Gray) Keynote speaker Governor John Baldacci
7 - 10 AM $15.00 FMI (207) 780-0118

Friday, March 17
KOPTERZ Rock ’n Roll Night
Maine Irish Heritage Center (State & Gray) $10 at the door
cash bar FMI (207) 780-0118

Friday, March 17
Eastland Park Hotel (157 High)
presented by InterActors
Imagine arriving at the elegant Eastland Hotel Ballroom as a guest at Betsy’s wedding… once seated with the other "wedding guests", all sorts of trouble erupts! Guaranteed to be the funniest wedding reception you’ll ever attend!
6:30 PM. All proceeds benefit the Maine Irish Heritage Center. $50 per person, all tips, gratuities and taxes included.
Tickets available at any Bull Moose Music location or by calling the Maine Irish Heritage Center at (207) 780-0118.

Friday, March 17th:
Friday African Cinema and Discussion Forum is back at the Museum of African Culture!

122 Spring Spring Street, 207-871-7188. 6:30 PM You are invited to our Fridays Cinema and discussion Forum with new movies from West Africa.“Paradise Part 2”
See the conclusion of this remarkable tale of love. This is an ancient powerful epic about cultural traditions, but weaved in a love saga, A man loses his freedom as he journeys to a faraway land looking for an elephant ivory to fulfill the wishes and dreams of his wife, but in the end he loses everything. A true story based on an ancient tale.


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