Monday, April 03, 2006

Car Burglaries Spike in City

The City of Portland is experiencing a rash of motor vehicle burglaries, according to the Portland Police Department, which has received 21 reports of motor vehicle burglaries in the Deering Center area since March 29. The majority of these reports involved unlocked vehicles parked in driveways or on residential streets. Coins, cell phones, and small electronics were reported taken.

In nine additional cases last weekend, thieves broke car windows to take purses or wallets left in vehicles. These vehicles were parked in parking lots, and in at least several cases, it appeared that thieves were watching people park and leave valuables under the seat or in the trunk. The thieves then targeted those vehicles.

Parking lots for recreational areas such as the Boulevard lot on Preble Street Extension, the Ocean Ave Dog Park, and Evergreen Cemetery are frequently targeted by thieves. Additionally, thieves have focused on vehicles parked near day care centers, churches, and schools. Police are urging drivers to lock their cars at all times and never leave valuables inside. Even a trunk may not be a safe alternative because many cars have trunk releases in the passenger compartment. Drivers should also not "hide" a key on or beneath a tire when going for a run or walk. Thieves are aware of this practice and have used such keys to steal from vehicles. If you observe suspicious people or vehicles in parking lots, please call 911 or call the police non-emergency number 874-8922.


Blogger Michelle said...

Please also consider the probable large number of similar thefts that aren't reported. Between myself and my roommates, I know that in the last few years we have each had thefts occur from unlocked autos, repeatedly, and because of the nature of the items stolen (CDs, small electronics, etc) we never called anything in, all on Brackett Street or State Street, from driveways and on the street. We've all gotten a lot better at locking our car doors now.

04 April, 2006 05:40  

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