Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Democratic Group Forms to Combat High Heating Prices

A group of Democratic activists announced on April 19th the formation of Donkey Card, LLC an organization created to help Democratic households control sky rocketing heating bills through collective buying power. Last year 130 households participated in a pilot program in York and Cumberland Counties, and the group was able to save an average of 33 cents a gallon which resulted in a yearly savings as high as $500 for some families.

This year, the group is expanding the program into Kennebec, Sagadahoc, and Androscoggin Counties. With members extending from Kittery to Waterville, Donkey Card, LLC hopes to cover more families at a better price by increasing their buying power.

Donkey Card expects to expand their services later this summer with various product discounts, but for now they are concentrating on getting their members the best price on oil.

The service is administered by a $35 annual enrollment fee, part of which will go to fund Dem Corps, a nonprofit organization. Dem Corps will support local Democrats in various ways in their efforts to gather food for food pantries, volunteer in their towns, and winterize homes for those in need. It will also provide scholarships for community service-minded young people and offer education on civic participation.

Donkey Card, LLC is currently in negotiations with several oil distributors and will soon decide on a contract. The group says they are searching for the best rates and service. They expect to have the rate locked by mid-June, the time when large oil dealers prefer to lock rates.

For more information you can go to, or call Donkey Card at 207-650-9873


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