Monday, June 05, 2006

Local Snow Plow Drivers Win Rodeo Competition

Portland snow plow operators Ron Kelton and Marvin Hamilton have been named winners in a state ‘snow plow rodeo’ competition.

The rodeo was held in conjunction with the 15th Annual Highway Congress event, with competitors from most of the counties in the state participating. The ‘snow plow rodeo’ tests operator skills in an obstacle course layout to assess safety, braking, speed, turning, and other operational requirements, according to Michael Bobinsky, Portland’s Director of Public Works.
"It is very challenging and the operator must work effectively with his wing person in a team-like fashion. Their skills as a snow plow team underscores the important role our operators have in addressing our varied Winter Emergency Operations needs, as well as the skills required of our operators."
Kelton and Hamilton are both District Supervisors and have been with the city’s Department of Public Works for several years.


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