Thursday, July 06, 2006

Local Poet Buys Yes Books

Portland poet Russ Sargent has purchased Yes Books, the landmark bookstore in Congress Square.
Sargent, who has been a poet in the city for fifteen years, was a member of the Maine poetry slam team that advanced to the final round in the National Poetry Slam competition in 1995 that was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He lives on Munjoy Hill and is also known for his book ‘yard sales’ which he has held for years around the city.

Yes Books, which currently stocks over 60,000 books, was founded in the 1980’s by Patrick Murphy, from whom Sargent bought the business. It was originally located on High Street, where the June Fitzpatrick Gallery is currently located. It has been located across the street from the Portland Museum of Art for the last four years and specializes scholarly, out-of-print, rare and used books. Yes Books will be open seven days a week.

According to Sargent, Yes Books got its name because it was located next to the No Café. (Sargent says that the No Café was originally going to be called the ‘Waiting for Godot Café’, after the award-winning play. However, the author’s agents said ‘No’ to the idea, producing the café’s name.)


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