Sunday, September 17, 2006

Acorn Moves to Westbrook

Acorn Productions has announced that it has signed a lease on a 2,500 square foot space in the Dana Warp Mill complex in downtown Westbrook. The company plans to make some internal renovations to the space to divide it into two 900 square foot studios and three small offices around a common meeting area. The space will house all of Acorn's rehearsals, classes and workshops, as well as the company's business office.

Acorn plans to expand its schedule of acting classes in the new space, offering adult classes every weeknight, as well as a new program of children's after school classes. Acorn will also use the space for rehearsals of plays selected for the Maine Short Play Festival and the Acorn Shakespeare Ensemble's series of "Naked Shakespeare" performances.
Portland's theatre community has lacked a nexus point for meetings and informal conversations between artists since the old Oak Street Theatre closed in 2000. Although there are several performance venues in the Greater Portland area, none of them are large enough to provide rehearsal, classroom or workshop space. Acorn Studios will provide theater companies with the ability to create a consistent use schedule that will provide some stability for actors, teachers and directors.
Acorn was founded in 1995. The most visible impact of its work was the campaign with Friends of St. Lawrence to help restore and open the parish hall of the St. Lawrence Arts and Community Center in 2001. Since that time, Acorn has produced annual festivals that involve over 100 artists each year.


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