Monday, October 16, 2006

LaMarche Proposes State House Day Care

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Pat LaMarche announced on October 5th her plan to provide daycare at the state capital to encourage women to run for the legislature. More than half the people in Maine are women, according to the LaMarche campaign, yet many younger women with children are effectively shut out of running for higher office because they do not have available daycare.

“This year there are more women running for office than ever before,” stated LaMarche. “We need to encourage a family-friendly and family-compatible atmosphere at the statehouse.”

The idea was born earlier in the week when LaMarche met a young woman who said she was interested in running for the legislature. The woman lamented that with a four-year-old daughter, the time and distance would be too great a sacrifice for her to serve during her child’s formative years.

LaMarche pointed out that many progressive businesses offer on-site day care for the children of their employees. The legislature, she said, should do the same thing. She announced her proposal at the Women’s Policy Center “Breakfast of Champions” candidates’ forum in Portland. Her remarks drew enthusiastic applause from the audience and from the other candidates—including the incumbent.


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