Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Crack Party Interrupted
Portland Cop Injured

Police and ambulances responded to a call at about 5PM on December 5 outside the Prompto Oil and Lube Service on Forest Avenue.

At the scene, Officer Brian Regan accidentally received a blast of pepper spray from his fellow officers during a melee involving the arrest of Gregory Graffam at 449 Forest Avenue. Regan received a direct hit from the OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray and stumbled away, collapsing onto a police car. Other officers poured water on him until he was taken to Maine Medical Center.

Police were alerted by a call stating that people were passing a crack pipe back and forth in a car at that location. Penelope Burrows, the registered owner of the car, was seated in the front and Graffam was in the rear.

Graffam was charged with possession of schedule W drugs; crack and a crack pipe were taken from him. His refusal to submit to arrest, and the fact that he wouldn’t remove his hand from his pocket, causing police to believe he might have a concealed weapon, also resulted in Graffam being charged with two counts of assault. He had a knife with cocaine residue, which also was seized.

Burrows was also arrested for unlawful possession of drugs on an outstanding warrant issued by the Westbrook Police Department. Both people arrested are Portland residents.

Regan didn’t suffer any lasting effects, and was expected to return to work the following day. Pepper spray can have an immediate effect on the eyes, respiratory system, and may also affect muscle coordination, causing loss of balance due to its effect on vision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

F***ing Regan, too bad that Ibrahim Muhammed dude didn't smash your A**hole face clean in. One can always hope for someday I guess.

A**holes with power, believing themselves above the law and answerable to no one. It's the f***heads of the Regan genre that cause most of the animosity towards the police by the average citizen.

And for those of you with hardons for the police, most cops are disliked by the way they act and the abuse of their position, not because the people are such "hardened criminals". Yeah....Yeah.

06 February, 2007 10:49  

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