Friday, December 22, 2006

Strimling Campaign in Letter-Writing Mode
Let the Buzz Begin

The campaign to put local State Senator Ethan King Strimling in the US Congress in 2008 is preparing to barrage newspapers statewide with a ‘Letters to the Editor’ campaign, according to literature distributed at Strimling’s first campaign organizing committee, held in Portland on November 15th. Strimling has not officially announced his candidacy, and the current Congressman, Tom Allen, has not yet announced that he will not run for re-election in 2008. Allen has said that he is seriously considering a run for the US Senate against Republican Susan Collins.

The Strimling literature, entitled “Making A Difference Where It Matters,” urges Strimling supporters - referred to as ‘E-Leaders’-to start the early letter-writing campaign “to create a buzz about Ethan - namely that he is seen as a future leader for Maine.” The Strimling organization also plans to provide ‘talking points’ via email to E-Leaders, as well providing letter templates and lists of newspaper email addresses. E-Leaders are also encouraged to visit Strimling’s website ( for background information about Strimling to include in their letters, or to contact Strimling’s campaign manager Rob King for further letter-writing assistance.

The letter-writing campaign is similar to strategies Strimling used in his unsuccessful bid for the Portland City Council in 1999 and in his three state senate races.


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