Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Councilors Disagree in First Council Decision

Portland’s two new Green Party City Councilors, who ran a joint campaign to get elected to the City’s governing body, parted company when it came time to make one of their first decisions as City Fathers.

The Council voted in favor of a zoning change that prohibits from certain zones businesses that attract more than fifty vehicles per hour during peak hours.

Residential/Commercial zones in the West End that would be affected by the ruling include High Street at York Street, Brackett and Pine, and Danforth and May. The changed appeared to be aimed at keeping a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise from opening on Stevens Avenue in Deering Center.

East End Councilor Kevin Donoghue opposed the change because of the methods used measuring the impact of the businesses involved. West End Councilor David Marshall voted in favor of it.


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