Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Forget goldfish swallowing, telephone booth packing or streaking. The latest fad to arrive on campus is Speed Dating. The University of Southern Maine’s Ski and Ride Club sponsored Speed Dating on Friday December 1st at the Woodbury Campus Center. According to Jennifer Pickrel a third year geology and anthropology major, the event was a fundraiser for the organization, and drew many non-students.

“My friend got the idea from the movie ‘40 Year Old Virgin,’” said one of the event organizers.

“OK, dates, time to finish up with those final questions,” Peter Bissell, the MC for the evening, told the couples over the microphone. “You have twenty seconds. Alright guys, time to wind it up. Get up and switch to your right.”

“Girls sit in a circle and stay at their stations,” said Pickrel, “and the guys move around. After talking to each other, they switch partners every five minutes. They can write down names of people they are interested in and hand in the paper. We compare the lists to see who is on each one, and if a couple writes down each others’ name, we send them contact information, but only if they both write down each others’ name.”
According to Pickrel, if the event proves successful, there will be more Speed Dating next semester. Lonely West Enders may find romance.


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