Sunday, February 25, 2007

WENA, St. Dominic’s St. Lawrence May Be Shut Out of Federal Funding by Council

The City Manager’s Policy Advisory Committee recommended on February 9th that the Portland City Council not vote in favor of new grant requests from three local groups in this year’s round of Community Development Block Grant funding from the federal government.

The West End Neighborhood Association is seeking $45,000 to move ahead with planning and design work on the Reiche Community Center.

The Maine Irish Heritage Center is seeking $99,500 for masonry repairs and stabilization of St. Dominic’s Church on Gray Street.

The St. Lawrence Arts and Community Center on Munjoy Hill is seeking $150,000 to go toward the dismantling and rebuilding of its historic sanctuary structure.

City Manager Joe Gray met with CMPAC one more time on February 22nd to discuss the recommendations he will make to the City Council, which will vote on the funding next month.


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