Thursday, March 08, 2007

The 6th Anniversary Issue of the West End NEWS is on the street. Vol. 7, Number 1, March 9-21, 2007

City Appoints Task Force to Guide Federal $

The City of Portland has established a Housing and Community Development Task Force to provide recommendations to the City Council regarding the HCD Program, which distributes federal funding in the city. The Task Force will solicit public input into the process.
Members of the City Manager’s Policy Advisory Committee (CMPAC) and some City Councilors have been talking about revamping the process since the City Council was criticized last year for ignoring CMPAC’s recommendations and disbursing the funds in what some thought was an unfair manner.

The Task Force members are as follows:
Ed Suslovic
At-Large Councilor, Chair
Tae Chong
Wendy Harmon
CMPAC Representative
Markos Miller
District 1 Representative
Kirk Goodhue
District 1 Representative
Wendy Cherubini
District 2 Representative, Former HCD Program Manager
Aaron Shapiro
District 2 Representative, CMPAC Member
Lee Urban
City Representative, Director of Planning and Development
T. J. Martzial
Current Director Housing & Neighbor Services
Mark Adelson
Former Director Housing & Neighbor Services
John Shoos
United Way Representative
Grant Lee
Public Services Representative, PROP
Staff: Amy Grommes Pulaski, HCD Program Manager


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