Sunday, March 11, 2007

Adams’ Bill Would Help Consumers Recover Money from Canceled Events

A bill submitted by Rep. Herb Adams, D-Portland, would make it easier for people to get refunds on tickets purchased for big-attraction events held in the state’s largest halls.

.As proposed, the bill, LD 831, would require that a toll-free phone number be printed on each ticket to enable purchasers to call for refund information for canceled entertainment events in venues seating over 1,000 people.

“The bill covers mostly the famous performances and big-name bands that can fill Maine’s largest halls and arenas. There are only about a dozen such venues from Portland to Presque Isle,” said Adams.

Adams submitted the bill in response to complaints from constituents who found it difficult to get any information about refunds for tickets to canceled concert events after the promoter left town.

Most Maine town halls, community theaters and school stadiums seat under 1,000 people and would not be affected. In the Portland area, the bill would affect tickets purchased for events at venues including the Cumberland County Civic Center, The State Theatre, Merrill Auditorium, Hadlock Field and the Expo.


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