Saturday, March 31, 2007

Man Arrested for Threatening at Mercy Hospital

Alfonso Hinostroza, 37, of Portland, entered Mercy Hospital’s emergency room on March 16th at 2:30 AM and fell asleep. A male staff member approached him and was verbally threatened when he asked him to leave. Hinostroza complied with the request, but returned to the hospital 15 minutes later, this time pushing the employee, when he was once again asked to leave.

He then entered the waiting area and sat down, at which time police were contacted and told that an intoxicated male was threatening the staff. Hinostroza was arrested and charged with assault and criminal threatening. -Marge Niblock

Cops Check 911 Hang-up Calls

When 911 is called, police know the phone number of where the call originated. If the caller hangs up, police call back to make sure that there’s no problem at the location. If no one answers the phone, an officer is sent to check and make sure that the call wasn’t made by someone who became incapacitated or had a problem of any type. –Marge Niblock


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