Saturday, March 31, 2007

Police Arrest Motorist After 4-Mile ‘Slow Chase’
Polite driver was ‘just trying to get out of the way’

On March 19, at 4:30 AM, police were sent to 100 State Street to investigate a call for a male threatening a female with a knife. While en route to the location, they were advised that the subject was fleeing in a car.

The officer arriving at the scene saw a vehicle leaving the area in a hurried fashion, going the wrong way on Park Street. At this point the blue lights and siren were activated.

The car being pursued didn’t stop; however, the driver continued using his turn signals and stopped for all red lights. The chase went onto High Street, Forest Avenue, then I-295 heading south, where the car got off at the Congress Street exit. The legal speed limit was maintained during this entire event. The car then continued from Congress Street to Stevens Avenue, and onto Brighton Avenue, where it stopped at Brighton and Montrose.

The operator of the vehicle, Timothy John Dennison, 25, of Scarborough, was arrested for failure to stop for a police officer, but did not incur any traffic violations.

Sgt. Chuck Libby, the arresting officer, said: “I asked what his reasons were, and he said he was just trying to get out of my way.” It took approximately four-and-a-half miles for this to be accomplished.

Timothy Dennison’s brother Stanley, whose earlier conduct was responsible for the initial call to the police, was a passenger in the vehicle. He had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, and was also charged with domestic violence, terrorizing, and violation of conditions of bail.
–Marge Niblock


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