Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The West End NEWS
Volume 7, Number 9
June 28-July 12, 2007
Convenience Store Robber Nabbed

Portland Police have arrested William Rowell, 49, and charged him with two counts of robbery. He allegedly robbed the Big Apple at 754 Congress Street on June 20, and on Saturday, June 23, allegedly robbed a Stop ’n Shoppe at 8:30 PM. The clerk got the license plate of the van he drove off in, which was registered to him.

Police contacted Rowell on June 25th via cell phone, and using technology to track cell phone calls, were able to know where he was. He was attempting to negotiate a surrender when police went to a Rite Aid parking lot 7:30 Sunday evening and placed him under arrest for the two crimes. Rowell’s last known address was 62 State Street, but he listed himself as a “transient.” -Margery Niblock


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