Sunday, July 15, 2007

Man Cited After I-295 Crash

On June 23, approximately 3:40 AM, Joshua Scott Davis, 22, of Portland crashed his car on I-295 near Exit 5 (Congress Street). He then drove the car to Douglass Street, left it, and went on foot to Frederic Street, according to Portland police, where he contacted his ex-girlfriend. She went to his car and then called police.

Davis had a blood alcohol content of 1.7. He was given a ticket for imprudent speed, and one for driving to endanger. He wasn’t charged with OUI because too much time had elapsed.

Terrorizing on Exchange Street

A resident of 88½ Exchange Street called police on June 23, at 3:50 AM, reporting that his neighbor, Jonathan Lowell Pease, 40, was intoxicated and banging loudly in the hallway. He was shouting at the victim, telling him to come out, and accusing him of being the devil and a devil worshipper.

Before the police arrived, he was also allegedly spitting on the peephole and urinating on the door.

Pease told police at the scene that he didn’t like the victim, rambled about the man’s dogs, and said he’d continue to “f—k” with him. The caller told police there had been a prior incident involving his dogs.

Pease was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and terrorizing.

Police Officer Punched

Officer John Curran was called to 132 Spring Street on June 25, a little after 1 PM, regarding a drunk man bothering people. When he arrived, he offered to drive Adam Dill, 37, of Acton, to the shelter so he could sleep. Acton’s response was to punch Curran in the chest.

The first offer was withdrawn, and Dill was charged with assault and driven to jail.


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