Sunday, March 19, 2006

Governor Leads Procession into West End
Baldacci caps off holiday at Popeye's IceHouse
Governor John Baldacci led a small delegation on a procession through the West End to Harborview Park on York Street for a flag-lowering ceremony to officially end the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on March 18th. The procession began at the John Ford statue in Gorham’s Corner at Center and Danforth Street, at the end of the parade from India Street, down Commercial Street to Gorham’s Corner. Baldacci was the Grand Marshall of the parade.
The procession started with the ringing of the bells at St. Dominic’s (currently the Irish Heritage Center) and the Governor capped off his afternoon in the city with a visit to Popeye’s Ice House, across from the park.
“I’d never think about coming to this parade without stopping at Popeye’s,” Baldacci told owner Bernie Orne, as they celebrated the holiday at the local tavern.


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