Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Soybeans to Fuel City Vehicles
The City of Portland has begun a biodiesel pilot program with several pieces of its fleet equipment.The vehicles chosen for this test include a solid waste rubbish packer, a dump truck, a one ton pick-up, and a large holder (used in various construction activities).

The biodiesel being used is a B-20 blend (meaning 20% of the fuel is comprised of biodiesel) with the primary ingredient of this type of biodiesel being soybeans. The City's vehicle maintenance facility will be studying the impact of biodiesel use on these vehicles, including mileage and engine performance. The pilot program will take place over the next several months and, depending upon the results, additional biodiesel purchases may take place with other vehicles utilizing this renewable fuel source.

The City consumes approximately 225,000 gallons of diesel fuel each year. For more information on the City's biodiesel pilot program, please contact Kevin Austin at the City’s vehicle maintenance facility at (207) 874-8801.


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