Monday, April 24, 2006

"Spring Blitz" Begins in City’s Downtown

About 20 crew members of the city’s Public Works Department have been dispatched to the downtown area to perform a wide variety of services - including sidewalk repair, bench and crosswalk painting, litter removal, graffiti removal, tree mulching and much more.
Over 12 miles of sidewalks in the Old Port and Arts District area will be swept and repaired, according to the City’s website. Over 1000 parking meter and street light poles will be painted – along with 160 trash cans. And over 20 damaged street/traffic signs will be replaced. Street patch work, flower planter preparation and bus shelter window cleaning will also be taking place during the cleaning blitz.

“Pretty much anything that does not move will be cleaned, mulched, painted and/or repaired,” said Janis Beitzer, Executive Director of Portland’s Downtown District.


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