Sunday, July 09, 2006

Portland Greens Plan to Storm City Hall

July 10th Kickoff at Portland City Hall – All Seven Open Municipal Seats to Have Green Candidates

Seven Green Party candidates are planning to be at City Hall on Opening Day, July 10th to get on the ballot for seven open seats up for grabs this year at the local level in Portland.

“This move signals not only the strength of the Green Party in Portland, but is a declaration that ‘politics as usual’ is coming to an end in Portland local politics,” said Green Party School Committee member Stephen Spring.

Green Party City Council candidates include Kevin Donoghue (District 1, Munjoy Hill, Bayside, Downtown), Dave Marshall (District 2,West End, Parkside), and Christina Feller (At Large).

School Committee candidates seeking to get on the ballot include Rebecca Minnick (District 1), Stephen Spring (Incumbent-District 2), and Kevin Gardella – At Large. The City Council and School Committee are both officially non-partisan, but the School Committee members often vote along party lines.

For Water Trustee, Green David Margolis-Pineo will also be at City Hall taking out nomination papers on Monday, the 10th. There are currently five Green local officeholders in Portland and one State Representative, John Eder, who represents the West End in Augusta.


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