Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Strimling Admits to High-Speed Augusta Trip

State Senator Ethan Strimling has admitted that it was his vehicle that was spotted speeding northbound as he approached Augusta on Interstate 95 on September 16th, at a reported 77 miles an hour.

Strimling said that he and his wife were on their way to Monson to celebrate his nephew’s first birthday and they were very late because of his having to go to the emergency room earlier in the day. He did not reveal the cause of his emergency room visit. He offered no excuses, saying he was “definitely driving faster than I should have.”

A witness reported seeing Strimling’s vehicle, a light green Ford Escape Hybrid with the distinctive Senate District 8 plate, running up on the bumpers of the cars in front of it, and tailgating at a distance of one car length until the driver in front moved over, then accelerating to run up on the next driver.

Strimling said he was “not so sure about the tailgating within a car length at 77 miles an hour, but I'll take my medicine.”


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