Monday, October 16, 2006

The League Announces 2006 Endorsed Candidates
Members vote for a combination of experience and youth.

The League’s 2006 Endorsed Candidates have been announced in Portland. All the candidates share the common trait of voting NO on 1/TABOR, according to Justin Alfond, Maine State Director. In addition the candidates are considered by the League to be supportive of issues young people care about - like ecological sustainability, affordable and efficient housing, cultivating a creative economy, sustainable transportation options, living wages and universal health care.

The League’s local and statewide endorsed candidates include the following:
John Eder (Green Independent – District 118),
Herb Adams (Democrat – District 119),
(No endorsement - District 120),
Ethan Strimling (Democrat – Senate 8),
John Baldacci (Democrat – Governor),
Tom Allen (Democrat – US Congress),
Jean Hay-Bright (Democrat – US Senate).

The League’s Citywide endorsed candidates are as follows:
Kevin Donoghue (City Council – District 1).
Mavourneen Thompson (School Committee – District 1).
Dave Marshall (City Council , District 2)
Stephen Spring (School Committee – District 2),
Nick Mavodones (City Council At-Large)
Sarah Thompson (School Committee At-Large)

Referendum endorsements:
Question Number 1: No on TABOR
Question Number 2: No recommendation


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