Sunday, December 24, 2006

Adams Helps Cops in Burglary Investigation

Portland Police arrested Paul Sans, 24, on December 9th, in connection with a burglary at the Northern Pride Car Wash on Marginal Way the night before. They also arrested Sans’ girlfriend, Rebecca Davis, 22, an employee of the business. She was charged with bail violations and hindering apprehension.

Police are still investigating three other recent burglaries at the car wash, and have gotten a big assist in the investigation from State Representative Herb Adams, who represents the Parkside/Bayside neighborhood in the State Legislature.

Adams was walking through Deering Oaks Park recently when he spotted about a half-dozen clean, white envelopes discarded near the walking path near the Deering Avenue entrance to the park. The envelopes, which were from the car wash, were marked with monetary figures and contained a number of receipts. Adams carefully collected the envelopes, while wearing gloves, and turned them over to police, who were able to get fingerprints from the envelopes.


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