Monday, April 02, 2007

Woman Battles Cop in Local Arrest

On March 22, a little after 8PM, Portland police were told there was a possible OUI in front of 31 Chestnut Street, involving a vehicle driven by a woman with two small children. The witness stated that the woman fell into a snow bank after exiting the car.

Police went to the area and stopped the woman, who matched the description given. She was walking down Chestnut Street, visibly intoxicated, and had the two children with her.

Police say that when the officer at the scene tried to ask her some questions, the woman replied “It’s none of your business.”

The officer tried to stop her from continuing to walk by touching her forearm, and when he attempted to place her under arrest, she punched him in the chest and arm. The woman, who was out on bail at the time, was subdued and taken to jail, and the Maine Department of Human Services was contacted.


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