Thursday, July 19, 2007


Munjoy Hillers practically fighting each other over treasures at Christina Feller’s July 4th yard sale on Morning Street… New mosaic on CBD storefront a real crown jewel in the Arts District…A flurry of local politicians and reporters conducting interviews at Arabica on Free Street…Former Portland Police Chief Bill McClaran and WEN Astrologist Liz McMahon big hits in their appearances at Festival of Creative Youth on SMCC campus…Why are drivers on Danforth Street in such a hurry at 8AM?!...No, Chip Martin’s not leaving the West End – just cleaning out the garage with recent yard sale…City’s HCD Program Manager Amy Grommes Pulaski and hubby looking at houses in the West End… Local architect Alan Holt saving energy by walking from his West End home to his State Street office every morning…A steady stream of visitors at St. Lawrence on July 4th for Bobby Lipps’ Deluxe Holiday TourAri Meil’s Warren Machine Company has just published Portland Through the Lens, a photographic look at the city…Bob Bregeron has published the final issue of the Portland BannerWest End City Councilor Dave Marshall had to give security guy at PMA lesson in street artists’ First Amendment rights…Fab fotog Doug Emerson hitting the streets with his fab ‘Angel’ series…We’re going to sit down for coffee with West End State Rep Jon Hinck real soon… Local handymen getting all excited about new hardware store on Congress StreetDanny Louten of N’East mag and the new Corduroy surf boutique on Market Street claims new evidence suggests the surfing craze actually started in New England over a century ago…St. Luke’s spectacular art festival coming in August…Former Planning Board member John Anton putting together a power team for his run for Portland City Council…Happy Birthday Dean Rossman!...
When we last left DeliveryMan and PaperBoy, they were driving the WestEndNewsMobile around SOPO, trying to recruit future reporters, cartoonists, astrologists, columnists, ad sellers, editors and delivery artists to carry the WEN tradition into the mid-21st Century. The boys want to make sure there are capable hands to take the wheel of the NewsMobile on that inevitable day when they decide to abandon the press room for an extended lounge at Crescent Beach. That’s where they were, in fact, when a couple of local seagulls decided that the exterior of the delivery wagon was as good a place as any to splatter their droppings, which they did. Luckily, the windows were closed, but now the boys are now trying to get a couple of aspiring newskids to kick off their journalistic careers with titles like CleanUpMan and ScrubBoy. It could be a tough sell…


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