Tuesday, July 17, 2007

“Grrim” Tale of Graffiti

On June 27, Yasin M. Al-Alwi, 19, of North Yarmouth, was arrested for criminal mischief. He allegedly defaced the street in front of 28 Vermont Avenue by spray painting it with his graffiti tag of “Grrim,” covering a large area in the center of the street. A string of small designs was also stenciled onto the sidewalk.

In the middle of the night, some noise was heard by a neighborhood resident who saw the vandalism occurring and called police. Police caught Al-Alwi, whose hands were covered with paint.

Al-Alwi may also be called on by the Yarmouth police to explain how his tag got into a Mobil station there. When Sergeant Robert Martin of Portland’s Criminal Investigations Division was in Yarmouth taking his son to a baseball game, he saw the same “Grrim” tag. Yarmouth police have been notified.
-Marge Niblock


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