Monday, July 30, 2007

Reiche Pool Being Renovated
Renovations have begun at the Reiche Community Center pool. The men’s and women’s locker rooms are closed, the hallways are being painted, and shower and ceiling tiles are being replaced. New lighting has been installed, and accessibility issues are also being addressed.

West End Neighborhood Association members Jo Coyne and Ed Bryan met with Assistant City Manager Anita LaChance regarding the $65,000 in CIP monies that will be used in the renovations. The pool will be closed for two weeks in November for repainting.

The current renovations are dealing with immediate issues at the pool that needed to be addressed. A Community Design Workshop held last fall identified a broader scope of work that would be done as other funds become available in the future.

2002 renovations to the Riverton pool and locker rooms were jointly funded by the School Department ($802,084) and by the City (CIP - $37,500 for locker rooms and $12,200 for pool repairs). Additional renovations to Riverton Community Center are currently underway as part of Riverton School improvements.


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