Wednesday, August 01, 2007

West End Resident Helps Nab Hit-and-Run Driver

West End resident Liz Witkowski helped Portland police apprehend a driver who sideswiped another car at the off ramp of I-295 and Westbrook Street on July 19th and failed to stop at the scene.
According to police, Witkowski, who was on her way to the dentist, witnessed the accident at about 9AM and followed the driver around town for the next thirty minutes while alerting police on her cell phone as to the driver’s whereabouts.

Police finally caught up with and arrested the woman, identified as Kimberly Cushing, at the corner of Bolton and Outer Congress Street near Anania's and Tony's Donuts.

“Drunken Babbler” Arrested for Misuse of 911 System

John Aboda, 25, of Portland, dialed 911 to call police. He said he was mad at his brother and wanted him arrested. He was intoxicated at the time he made the call, and was told not to call again.

After he had called 911 five times in a ten-minute period, engaging in what was described as “drunken babble,” police went to the location from which Aboda had called, and arrested him for misuse of the 911 system.
Marge Niblock


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