Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strimling Challenger Outlines Priorities

Republican David Babin, who announced in February his candidacy for the Portland seat in the Maine State Senate, has outlined his three top priorities:
-reduce Maine’s tax burden,
-create affordable health insurance through competition, and
-adopt a school funding formula that treats Portland fairly.

Babin also listed his positions on a number of other issues in a recent news release:
-He is pro-life, supporting a ban on partial birth abortion.
-He supports the Taxpayer’s Bill Of Rights (TABOR).
-He supports a constitutional amendment to establish marriage as a union between one woman and one man.
-He supports working to identify and deport illegal aliens and encourage regular, random INS / ICE sweeps of Portland. He advocates fines and revocation of licenses for Portland businesses that hire “criminal aliens.”
-He supports Second Amendment freedom rights with no restrictions.

Babin, who challenged Strimling in 2004 for the State Senate seat, grew up in the East Deering and Munjoy Hill neighborhoods and attended Portland schools and graduated from Portland High School in 1973. He is employed by Goodwill Industries as a Program Manager for three residential rehabilitation programs for people with traumatic brain injuries. He lives in East Bayside with Edward, his life-partner of twenty four years.


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