Sunday, October 29, 2006

East End Candidate’s Bike Vandalized

East End City Council candidate Kevin Donoghue has reported that his bicycle was vandalized after it broke down and he chained it to the fence of the Eastern Cemetery on Congress Street.

Donoghue said that the derailleur on the bike broke, disabling it at the foot on Munjoy Hill. He says he locked up the bike and walked up the hill to his house on North Street. When he returned two days later, both wheels had been removed as well as the bells on the bike, on which he says he plays a samba beat while riding around town. Donoghue said that the vandals left behind all the campaign material that was in the bike’s basket.

The bicycle, which is Donoghue's primary mode of transportation, normally has a trailer attached to it, with which he collects bottles to raise funds for the Bike Shop in Kennedy Park, but the trailer is being repaired. He reported that he did find a replacement bike several days after the incident.
Donoghue made no connection between the vandalization and the City Council race.


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