Monday, October 23, 2006

Meiklejohn Launches Website

Ben Meiklejohn, Green Independent candidate for State Representative inHouse District 120, has launched an interactive website for residents ofthe district, which includes Munjoy Hill, the downtown, and part of Bayside, to comment and provide input. The website is
A discussion board containsposition statements, goals and platform offered by Meiklejohn, and opportunities for anyone to post other relevant content.
There is also art, by Portland artists, of landscapes and views within the district, and links to Meiklejohn's blog, as well as a vision statement of the logo "future in the balance," and a map of the district.
The website will be promoted on all campaign literature and signs throughout the remaining weeks of the campaign to encourage citizen participation, according to Meiklejohn.


Blogger Benjamin Meiklejohn said...

The district does not include Bayside. It includes Munjoy Hill, the Old Port, and the lower part of the West End up to State street.

24 October, 2006 00:04  

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