Thursday, October 26, 2006

Towing Ban on Munjoy Hill
The Bollard reported on October 20th that, except in emergency circumstances, wreckers can no longer tow vehicles on Munjoy Hill. Cars on the wrong side of the street during street-sweeping days are ticketed, but not towed. Towing will take place on the Hill during snow-removal parking bans this winter.

According to The Bollard (, Munjoy Hill City Councilor Will Gorham has kept the tow ban a secret, even from fellow City Councilors, because he didn't want people taking advantage of it by leaving their cars on the wrong side of the street. Vehicles are not towed from streets off the peninsula, according to Portland parking official John Peverada.

Gorham was criticized by his opponents in the upcoming City Council election for making the decision in secret, outside the normal process. He said that he pursued getting the towing ban enacted because of abuses by tow truck operators. It is not yet known if the towing ban on Munjoy Hill will have any affect on towing procedures in the West End or on other parts of the peninsula.


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