Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Press Herald Bashes Spring for Ad in Gay Newspaper

Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz criticized West End School Committee member Stephen Spring in the October 25th issue of the newspaper for a political ad that Spring ran in the latest issue of The Companion, the local gay newspaper.
The ad shows a picture of Spring with the caption ‘Gay, Green and Gorgeous.’ Spring said that the ad was intended for the gay community and was done in a spirit of fun.
State Representative Herb Adams, who is running for re-election in the Parkside/Bayside district, and who lost the School Committee seat to Spring in the election three years ago, was quoted as saying "You must consider the publication, the audience and the ego. One of them is huge."
Nemitz referred to the ad as “politicking with blinders on.” He quoted one parent who called the ad “inappropriate.” Nemitz also speculated on what impact, if any, the ad would have on Spring's re-election chances in what Nemitz referred to as “his left-leaning district.”


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