Monday, October 30, 2006


St. Lawrence Haunted House a ‘Howlin’ Success

To the Editor:

For those who missed it, the St. Lawrence Arts & Community Center had a howlin' Haunted Open House last Saturday, October 21st. This letter is to express thanks to all of those who helped put it together:

THANK YOU to Snell Family Farm for donating the pumpkins; The Blue Spoon and The Front Room for donating delicious baked goods; Peg Tierney for making a beautiful afghan to raffle off; Michael Lane Trautman, Zev Eisenberg, Catdancer and Isabelle Weyl for providing riveting entertainment; the press who helped advertise the event; Jean Leonard, Mary Dunkerly and Lee Parker who helped plan and execute the spookiness, Ed King for taking photos, Karen Ferrande for helping with graphic design, and all of the wonderful volunteers who helped transform the place into a Haunted House for the afternoon, and back into a theatre for the performance of Into the Woods that night!
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Liz McMahon
Theater Manager
St. Lawrence Arts & Community Center

Ethan Can’t Save the World By Himself

Dear Editor:

One of the things that matters most to me and my family is protecting Maine’s environment for the future. I believe all people have a right to clean air, healthy water, and a safe place to live. We’ve got to do everything we can today to protect our environment for tomorrow. That’s why I want to thank Senator Ethan Strimling for his advocacy on behalf of our environment.

This year Ethan made a real difference when he sponsored and passed incentives to develop wind power here in Maine. He also earned the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters for supporting environmental priorities like Land for Maine’s Future, the reduction of mercury in our air and water, and the encouragement of energy efficiency and conservation. Ethan Strimling also made a difference when it mattered with his strong support of the Redington Wind Farm Project.

The Redington Wind Farm would not only produce enough power for 44,000 Maine homes, it would also reduce emissions that cause global warming while preventing more than 800,000 pounds of pollution per day- that’s like taking 26,000 cars off the road!

I know these steps aren’t going to save the world alone, but they are an important start.

Ethan didn’t just talk about doing something, he actually did it. He is making a difference for me, and my children, where it matters most.

Erica VachonPortland resident


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